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£ 6,000

MAN 8.163 7.5t race truck with tail lift & awning - SOLD


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We are selling our race truck with awning as we have retired from motorsport for the foreseeable future.

The truck is a MAN 8.163 7.5t truck with twin stage tail lift and Tectonics awning.   It has covered just under 348,000 km.   

This is a trusty, solid truck, but its not a posh truck.   Ideal for someone running themselves or customer cars on a modest budget.    We’ve run it for several seasons from 2011 to 2016 including several overseas trips to Spa, Zolder and to Germany.   Only once in our first year of ownership did it let us down and had to call a recovery truck and its been fine since.      It is registered as a motorhome as it has permanent kitchen and bed, which allows better rates of ferry crossing and breakdown membership.    It has a tachograph which isn't required when in private ownership.   Drivers would need C1 entitlement on their licence, which some would have due to grandfather rights.    MoT until end of August, not used in past 11 months.   Started up regularly. 

Can be viewed near Norwich by appointment.     All reasonable offers considered.  Private sale, no VAT.

The truck has a two stage tail lift and the load area can be configured in several ways.   It took several trips to work out what was best for us and no doubt the same will happen for the next owner.

The way we found most suitable was to load all the stuff needed to go racing on the lower deck - tool chests, car lifters, tyre trolley, refuelling rig / preheater / boxes of spares and to strap them down so they don’t slide about, and then load quad bike / tyre trolley and secure that, and finally load the car onto the upper deck and strap that down.   It would take Dallara F3 cars - we tried it with F305/7 and F308/11 era cars without having to remove nosecones or wings, and the previous owner raced Formula Renault BARC again without difficulties.       You may be able to fit a Caterham or similar – send me dimensions of your car and I’ll measure up, although ideal car weight is circa 500kgs, much heavier and the lift won’t lift.

You could reconfigure to take two cars one on top deck, one on bottom deck, but then you have no room for anything else.      When we ran additional cars they were transported in a separate van and trailer, because unloading heavy toolboxes was easier with the tail lift than lifting out of a van and much of the loading and unloading could be done by one person without risk to life or limb.

On the RH upper wall is a tyre rack which would take at least two, possibly 3 sets of F3/FR sized wheels and tyres.       In front of the rear area is a rudimentary living accommodation - a lower bunk bed.  The upper bunk bed was converted to shelving, but could be reinstated fairly easily.   A kitchenette unit from a caravan was fitted, so there is a working 3-way fridge, a gas hob and oven plus storage.    The sink isn’t functional – no water supply or waste water tank – a project for someone perhaps?    There is floursecent strip lighting which activates either by circuit hook up or external generator.

The awning can be put up in two configurations.   In its easiest form (two roof sheets), it will accommodate two cars side by side with room for tools.      With the third roof sheet erected, you can get three cars in (2 side by side and one exiting the side at 90 degrees), or two back to back if nosecones removed.    I guess you could squeeze 4 in like that but very cramped and no room to work.      Ideally three people needed to erect the awning, although you may get away with two with practice for the smaller configuration.   Awning poles are kept on the lower corner of the lower deck and awning sheets in one of the belly lockers.     Included are some fluorescent strip lights which hang off the awning beams, which also provide power sockets near the cars for battery charging etc.,   The awning can be put up without having to unload the rest of the truck – ideal if the weather isn’t kind.

The truck has belly lockers.    On one side is the awning sheets - roof and sides, and a smaller one containing a small compressor.     On the other side is one which we used to transport the gas cylinder for fridge, jerry cans of fuel and oils / lubes, and another locker containing a noisy generator (we invested in a silent generator which is now being used for other things)

There is a set of steps which attach to the side which allows entry to the interior cabin door.     With the cars unloaded the interior of the truck was used for changing, and also for debriefs - data logging, watching in car footage etc.,

By separate negotiation we have clip together race flooring and awing walling.   When we were running two or three cars, these were transported in a van towing our race trailer.   There is also a small quad bike and a tyre trolley.