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"Thank you. Your excellent site has helped me sell the engine (Lotus Twin Cam 2.0L) therefore please remove the add … job done!"
Ian McCullough, UK.

"Mike Walters was extremely helpful when I placed my advert. I had difficulty loading the photos, I called him and he fixed it immediately. The advert then went live instantly. This was 2.30pm. Our phone rang 10 minutes later. The chap came to see the car the next day and bought it. We had several other calls in 24hrs, all keen to see the car. This was a great speedy result. I would highly recommend using Race Cars Direct. Thank you.
Mrs.B.Lane, UK

"My FIA MGB Race car was sold, it still appears on the web. I keep getting calls on it. Please will you either mark as sold or take it off."
Paul Clayson, UK

"Just to let you know, Image Wheels sold. Web site works well. Now to advertise the next items."
Francis Phillips, UK

"My Toyota Supra LM7 Drift Car is now sold"
Tony Rasenius, Sweden.

"I sold my car (Formula Renault) in 3 days! Can you remove it from your systems or make the advert clearly marked as sold. I’m still getting calls from Spain and France as well as the UK."
Richard Wise, UK.

“Reynard F3 Aero Wheels sold. 3 enquiries within 12 hours and sold in 24hrs to France. Great response.”
Francis Phillips, UK

"My 1965 Porsche 912 SWB is sold. I had 4 potential buyers at once. Impressive!"
Andris Nollendorfs, Sweden

"Porsche GT4 RS Clubsport is sold. In 3 days!"
Bernard Coisne, France

"The Shelby (Mustang GT350) is now sold thank you. Great response by the way."
Bill Wykeham, UK

"I would like to report my 1976 Porsche RSR as sold to a buyer in the UK, much appreciated."
Alex Welch, USA

"Can you please delete our advert of the (Smoking Dog Hospitality) unit for sale as we have sold. Thanks for your help."
Carlo Dioli , UK.

"Good morning Mike , thanks for all your help as always - car (Cooper T43) is sold and gone to a good home! Please remove the ad. Kind regards,
Bobby Console-Verma, UK

"That's brilliant, thank you very much! Fantastic service - racecarsdirect is already known as the best place to sell/find competition cars but I always recommend it to anyone who asks me! Thanks again."
Bryan S, UK

"Wow, I had over 500 views in the first 12 hours, took a serious deposit this morning, she (March 722) is sold. Thank you so much for your service. Cheers, Gary."
Gary St Amour, Prescott, USA.

Amazing - MGB is sold, I have been paid, the car has gone. (in 48 hours.) Very best wishes
Jeremy Mortimer, UK

Good news! In summary, your site got me 4 good leads, a couple of obvious tyre kickers, (much less than I expected), and a sale of the car (1929 Citroen C4 Roadster Special) at the asking price! I am especially happy with this result as advertising in 3 other places produced not just no quality leads but no leads at all! The premium listing was definitely worth it! Thanks very much for your help.
Paul Wybrow, UK

"Thanks to you I sold my car (AMS Autoracing 1000 S.P.) nice and smooth negotiation. Thank you very much."
Neri Daniele, Italy

"I have now sold my crashed 488. I got about 15 enquiries, it was quite amazing they were from all over, lots of various offers, some good some not so good. In the end I had 4 serious potentials and ended up selling it to Holland."
John Seale, UK

"Great website, just 24 hours from placing the add to receiving the money!"
Andy Green, UK

"My TVR 3000M ex Factory Race Car is now sold. We agreed the sale 3 days after the advert went live. Very happy."
John Simpson, UK

"I decided to sell my fabulous World Series Renault using the commission sales service. Mike asked for a detailed history, lots of photos and some videos of the car and within days of advertising enquiries came in from the UK, Australia & Europe with an agreed sale just a few days later. You simply could not expect better."
John Reaks, UK

"The BMC 850 Pick Up was sold in three days. Thanks!"
Tommy Jagerwal, Sweden

"Could you please remove the ad for our Ginetta G40 as it is now sold thanks. Good work. Cheers."
Geoff Thomas, UK

"Could you remove my Dastle MK7 ad please. Another car sold through your excellent site."
Keith Norris, UK

"The car (Lola T212) sold about 15 minutes after putting the ad up. Thanks as always for a great site and service."
Simon Parfitt - Scott Automotive, UK

"My Ligier LMP3 is now sold. Thanks for doing a great job with your website."
John Saurino, United States of America

"My Fiat Abarth 1000 TC Replica is sold. The buyer find my car at your web site, and sold at the asking price. It works perfect at your web site, thank you."
Ole Frederiksen, Denmark

"The Lotus Exige is sold to Portugal. Great website. I look at it each day as looking for a Peugeot 308 Cup Car at the right money."
Simon Watson, Gibraltar

"My Holden Milano is sold. I was a bit overwhelmed with response as had a lot of calls and four serious buyers within a few days. I took a deposit yesterday and will get the balance on collection next week. - Thanks for your help.
Michael Eagles, UK

"You have been kind enough to host my MGB advert and I am now pleased to tell you that the car is sold. Thank you."
Mike Fisher, UK

"Many thanks to racecarsdirect my Caterham 270R is now sold (in 2 days)."
Steve Chapman, UK

"I'd like to report my Peugeot TCR #15 as sold (in under 2 hours)."
Brian Madsen, Denmark

“My BMW 330i is now sold. Can I just say that the customer service I always get from you has been superb and the effectiveness of the website is fantastic.”
Alan Craggs, UK

“Please remove my advert for the Cooper T59 Formula Junior as it is now sold. It sold (in 2 weeks) through your superb website.”
George Cooper, Scotland

"Will you remove or mark as 'sold' the Audi R8 GT4 please, it has gone now through your site." regards
Tom Calmeyn - JJac Motors, Belgium

"Thanks to your stunning website the first car has gone (Lola T 298 HU-99)."
Pietro Silva, Italy

" My Jaguar E-Type Race Engine has been sold and very quickly."
Tony Best, UK

"My Mazda MX5 is now sold. It was a very smooth process, decent buyer and no idiots unlike the scams I had from another website."
Steve H, UK

"I'd like to report my Westfield as sold and very quickly too. I was quite surprised how many enquiries I got in a short space of time."
Paul Taberner, UK.

"You found a buyer for my Abarth Assetto Corse in the UK. I am very happy with the result. racecarsdirect is inexpensive and reaches the customers fast."
Anders Lorange, Norway

"First you sold my Lotus Sunbeam, then my MG Midget and now my Jedi, a hat trick! Thanks for your excellent service."
Stuart Warsop , UK

"Our AMG GT3 has sold! Thank you for such a great platform to advertise it from!"
Nicholas Short - CRP Racing , United States of America

"My Chevrolet Camaro SS 1967 sold through your site and is going to Sweden, I am very satisfied."
Martin Borch-Christensen, Denmark

"My Gardner Douglas T70 Spyder sold over the phone on the same day I advertised it to a collector in Switzerland. Thanks to you and your excellent website, it made the sale easy."
Andrew Marshall, UK

"My BMW Compact sold in 2 hours, please mark it as being sold."
Alan Craggs, UK

"Just to let you know my ZF DS 25/2 Gearbox parts sold rather quickly. Thank you for your platform."
Marcel Schaub, Switzerland

"Can you please mark this as sold (Seat Supercopa Mk1) - the car attracted 3 serious enquiries and 2 firm offers at the asking price. Cheers!"
Ed Mitchell, UK

"My trailer sold last weekend, it was fairly unique so it was looking for a rare buyer that needed it but you found that guy. Thanks a lot for your help."
Derek Hales, UK

"My Dallara F301 Toms Toyota F3 car sold in an hour, I could have sold it 10 times over. Very impressed."
Jason Baker, UK

"Can you please remove my last ad for the Edwards of London metal rollers. These sold today. Thank you for your excellent site. This is my third sale from here in 6 weeks."
Ian Davies, Suffolk, UK.

"I am glad to report that my IMSA 200SX sold to a collector/enthusiast in Australia. Please remove the ad at your convenience."
Bob Burgess, USA

"I'd like to report my Lotus Cortina as sold (in 3 days)."
Steve Soper, United Kingdom

"Just wanted to say thank you ... my Clio sold last week. That’s my last two race cars sold via, it’s a fantastic service and 100% recommended. Wish you all the best. Kind regards"
Steven Kelly, UK

"Thanks for all your help. My Bora Racing car is sold now. Best Regards"
Harry Joki , Sweden

"A quick thank you for the excellent service you provide. I sold my OMS Hillclimb car within a very short time for the full asking price. This is the third race car I have sold through your site and I can highly recommend it. Thanks again"
Ian Davies, Ipswich, UK.

"My Lotus Cortina Appendix K Suspension and Brakes are sold. Brilliant service!"
Jim Fin, UK

"My Lancia 037 EVO2 sold to a buyer through your webpage. Cordiali saluti."
Franco Fillippini, Italy

"My Chevron B49 has now sold, very quickly. Thank you for your usual excellent service."
Keith Norris, UK

"I would like to inform you that my Ferrari 488 GTB Challenge is sold. Thank you for cooperation it sold on base of my advert on your website."
Vladimir Hladik, Czech Republic

“My Shrike P15 Sports 2000 racing car sold in 8 hours, interestingly to the man that designed the car.”
Alan Craggs, UK

"Crown Concepts is requesting that our ad for our 2016 GB08 Wolf Race Car be stopped as this sold through racecarsdirect months ago and we continue to get calls on it. Thank you."
Woody Cummins, Tucson, USA

"I would like to report the Formula Super Vee as sold. Thank you very much for carrying our ad."
Joseph Main - Greater Brighton Metropolitan College., UK

"Could you remove my ad for my Chevron B49. Have concluded a deal. Thanks for the continued excellent service."
Keith Norris, UK

"Hello Mike. Just to confirm I have sold my Chiron. I have logged on and hit the sold button. I have been very impressed with your platform - the car attracted interest from the UK and Europe and sold after just 2 weeks from listing. Many Thanks"
Richard Wise, United Kingdom

"I have sold my 1974 Porsche 911 3.0 RS race car... thanks"
Francis Kienert, Luxembourg

"Quite by chance when trawling racecarsdirect I spotted a lost and found advert in the safety section relating to an item that had been found on a Donington Circuit test day. Fired off a text to Jason asking if it was my Hans device that I left in the pit lane and after a few more questions he confirmed he had it! Now it's back in my possession! Unbelievable! Thanks again to Jason and hope he is enjoying the bottle of Grey Goose. As for - what a great site and as well as showing a wide range of race cars and associated products it's an amazing source of information for those of us involved with the sport. Keep the good work going, I found my historic Formula Ford on your site and now my hans device has found it's way back to me through it."
Stephen Mansell, UK

"Both my Datsun and Talbot Sunbeam Lotus sold via your site. Great job!"
Bruce Weir, UK

"Just to report that I sold my 458 GT3 Ferrari through your website [to a guy in the UK] close to what I was asking, so very happy with the result."
Mark Petch, Australia

"Great website, my Crossle 9S sold within 24 hours, I will certainly use your website again. Many thanks.
Garry Wilson, UK

"Can you please remove the advertisement for the Brian James Race Shuttle as I am being inundated with calls/emails, I could have sold a dozen of them."
Paul Bass, UK

"My 4 car race transporter sold within days! Thanks Mike:)"
Martin Short - Rollcentre Racing, UK

"Thanks to your site right customers find me and take my champions winning Opel Vauxhall Lotus race car! Best Regards"
Igor Cossetto, Croatia

"NEW Turatello F35 Trailer - Sold in 2 hours!!
David Timber,

"We're very happy with our arrangement with, we had many many enquiries about the Ralt F2 car which is now sold."
Joe Binder, Switzerland

"We have now sold our car (Ginetta G55). Thanks for all the help from Race Cars Direct."
Steve Wakefield, UK

"I listed my 2018 Porsche GT3 Cup Car and it was sold within a few hours. Awesome reach to potential clients. Thanks.
Dave Summers, UK

"Our Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Cup & Hospitality unit have both sold, just one to go (R.S.01)"
Equipe Verschuur, Netherlands

"I received the payment for the race transporter today so another one sold via the site, keep up the good work!"
Jez Wicks - Beechdean Motorsport, UK

"Can you take my Formula Renault & Race Shuttle off the site please as both have been sold. Your website has been absolutely first class."
John Mallinson, UK

"Hi, I'm over the moon. I sold my Citroen C1 within 24 hours."
Terry Mitchell , UK.

"The trailer that I put on your website some 10 days ago has sold. How do I now delete it? And by the way, I am impressed with your service - outstanding. Many thanks."
Fred Boothby, UK.

"That’s excellent, many thanks for the speedy reply. Great service and I love the website. (Probably too much)."
Paul O'Connell, Ireland

"My Porsche 993 G50.20/21 gearbox parts are now sold. Thank you for a good service."
Anders Falk, Sweden.

"My Lancia Delta Integrale Rally Car has now sold, many thanks."
Keith Turner, UK

"My Brabham BT21 1000cc F3 sold within 30 minutes of posting the ad."
James Murray, UK

"I must compliment you on your great site, service offering and customer service. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you!"
Wayne Exner - Ace Customs, South Africa

"Thank you for your efficient service. My 2 car covered trailer advertised on the 10/10/17 was sold on 15/10/17 and delivered to the Netherlands on the 22/10/17. Best regards"
Pierre Haverland, Belgium

"Hello Mike, thank you very much, my car (Royale RP19/6) was sold in less of one day."
Igor Cossetto, Croatia

"Really, you are the best, no doubts.;-)"
Javier Pardo, Spain

" My Mini Cooper S sold today in super quick time, in less than 2 hours. Never lets me down your site, big fan, regular browser & buyer. Mega service."
Chris Beadle, United Kingdom

"Just a quick thank you for making it possible to sell my Formula Vee within one week of advertising it...great service."
Mark Dunham, UK

“The exposure and service that Mike provides has been exceptional, with Mike’s help on the website and with the circulation of the newsletter I have recently agreed a sale of a Porsche GT3, taken a Formula Ford in part exchange and then sold that within 2 hours of the advert being listed on RaceCarsDirect - a big thank you to Mike again”
Colin Willmott, UK

"I had over 1100 views and the Ginetta sold in the first week to a French buyer. I had so many contacts from France and Germany and a handful from the UK, I could have sold it several times over and I got the full asking price. Great website, I will recommend it to fellow racers."
Jeff Williams, UK

"I've now sold 5 race cars on your website this year - still the best platform by far!"
Peter Venn, UK

"Our Radical SR8 RX has been sold to a buyer from Hungary, Thank you very much."
Garry Bloomhill, UK

"Hi Mike, I can confirm that the Westfield is sold. The process was very straightforward and efficient and I would recommend the site to anyone else. Thanks very much."
Steve Elmore, UK

"I have now sold my Formula Abarth FA010, thanks very much."
Andrej Slak, Slovenia

"My 1968 Techno F3 and my Brabham wheels sold at the weekend thanks to your website. Cheers, Peter
Peter Hamilton, UK

"I would like to report my clam shell race car trailer as sold. Many thanks for your help in publicising this to the right audience. Kind regards."
Marcus Pye, UK

"BBS wheels & slicks are sold. Thanks a lot, unbelievably fast on the same day and no problems." Thanks
Achi Winter, Germany

"I have been involved in motor sport since 1965 and in that time I have never dealt with a better company that's priced sensibly & totally switched on to it's current customers needs. 100% helpful when help is needed & then you do get to speak with Mike the boss himself. No wonder Race Cars Direct is the clever mans number 1 chosen place to do their race car business, thank you so much Mike."
Tony Broster, UK

"Both of our Formula Ford 1600's sold through"
Roger Orgee, UK

"Our DAF CF65 220 18t Support Truck is now sold. Another successful sale, Thanks Mike!"
Jez Wicks - Beechdean Motorsport, United Kingdom

"My 832 BHP BMW M3 E92 Liberty Walk V8 Supercharged has now sold thanks to your website."
Magnus Jaasund, Sweden

"My Van Diemen RF04 Kent has now sold, please mark it up as sold as I am still getting enquiries."
Kevin Bottomley, UK

" My 1964 Lotus Elan S2 GTS10 sold very quickly, in just four days after several enquiries."
Adrian Russell, UK

"My Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV GR1 is sold. We find the buyer with your website, I have good experience with your platform."
Jorge Santos, Portugal

"Many thanks for enabling me to sell my Mallock so quickly, with many enquiries. Most effective!"
Iain Gorrie. , United Kingdom

"Racecardirect offered an incredibly professional and helpful approach to our sale of a Race Car, which provided us with serious interested parties from all over Europe. Their service is definitely reasonably priced considering the results and for anyone selling a race car, it is difficult to think where else might have such a valuable and pertinent database of potential buyers”
Jonathan B Kay - Robson Kay Associates, UK

"My Radical SR1 sold within a week through your site. Many thanks."
Kye Wheatley, UK

"Our 1965 Mini Cooper S has sold through your website. Brilliant service, many thanks."
Keith Padmore, UK

"The Lotus Cortina as driven by Steve Soper that I advertised with you sold in just two days of the ad going live to a buyer from Portugal. I'm a very happy customer."
David Cuff, United Kingdom

"We are a very happy customer as we got lots of enquiries from all over the world, but due to the unique nature of our car – with hand controls – it was bought by a disabled driver from the UK. Thank you RaceCarsDirect for your excellent service and helping us find a buyer for our car." Team BRIT - British Racing Injured Troops
Dave Player, UK

"Our Nissan Group C car sold after 4 enquiries to a buyer from Australia, many thanks for your help."
Ian Donaldson - Oakfields, UK

"My Paoli airguns & bottles sold in a few hours thanks for the help of the site, great site for race stuff!"
Ewoud Snuverink, Netherlands

"I am very impressed with how quickly you were able to generate qualified prospects in marketing my Alba GTP race car on your site. After not getting the interest the car deserved stateside, within two weeks of publishing my ad you were able to connect me with two potential buyers. Your communication throughout the process between myself and the potential buyers was the key to finalize the transaction. Thank you in helping me sell my car so quickly."
Rasim Tugberk, United States of America

"The VW Beetle R32 Cup we advertised with you has now been sold, many thanks"
Stephanie -, Belgium

" Our BMW Z4 GT3 sold very quickly through your site, please mark it as sold as we are still receiving new enquiries."
Martin Short - Team Abba Rollcentre Racing, United Kingdom

"I would like to report the Ginetta G15 as sold on Car sold within 2 weeks, 2 viewings, 2 offers, thank you."
Peter Bornhauser, United Kingdom

"Alex Lynns Championship winning Dallara GP3 car has now been sold through - we have been very happy with the many responses we have had."
Jimmy Goodwin - Carlin/Capsicum Motorsport, United Kingdom

"My Blancpain Lamborghini has now sold to a buyer from Australia. I found your site very easy to use and the enquiries just rolled in."
Jeff Ashfield, United Kingdom

"Many thanks once again for your excellent personal service, our JKS/Speads Suzuki 1000cc race car has now been sold. It's our second successful sale through your website."
Geoff Pashley, United Kingdom

"We sold our BMW M235i racing car via your portal last week. Please delete the advertisement so not to get more and more enquiries from clients. Thanks for your support."
Stephan Piepenbrink - Valentin Racing Event , Germany

"Fantastic! I sold my transponder within 10 minutes of putting it on sale !!"
Mike Whatley, Holmfirth, UK

"Hello Mike, Thanks for your swift reply, that is really a BIG plus in comparison to other sites…..!!!!!"
John Baak, Netherlands

"Many thanks for a great service, sold our race trailer within 4 hours of placing the advert."
Chris Edwards, Norfolk, UK

"Hi Just want to say 'thanks' for a fantastic service. I placed my ad for a race-box trailer at 3pm, had the first call before 4pm, sold with deposit paid by 7pm!"
Chris Mabey, United Kingdom

"My Tiga SC79 Historic Sports 2000 sold in just 3 days after 8 enquiries"
Derek Martlew, United Kingdom

"Just incredible. My FT200 gearbox sold in 3 hours and was paid for within 6 hours. I've never had such a success. What a great site."
John Bright, Leicester, England.

"Brilliant site, pit board advertised and sold in 2 hours."
Mike Kason, UK

"We sold our Radical SR3 thanks to your site so thank you for the great service."
Freebird Trading, Netherlands

"One happy customer here! Sold the first trailer through our advertising on" Pleasure doing business with you! Regards
Ciprian Nistorică Managing Director. Turatello Trailers, United Kingdom

" I will definitely be doing more business with you. Best customer service I've had in a while." Thanks again.
Boom Anderson, USA

"I want to thank you. After calls from "funny people" a serious man from Stuttgart came and bought everything, stock lock and barrel at asked price! Kind Regards"
Tommy Jagerwall, Sweden

My Ray 92 FF1600 has just been sold through Many thanks for this efficient service.
Pierre Haverland, Belgium

"I just wanted to let you know I just received a deposit for the Aston Martin DBS V8 (Muncher) so have reported the car as sold. Thank you for your help and once again your website has provided me with a fast and trouble free sale particularly after having spent £8500 on magazine advertising. Kind Regards"
Ryan Sharp - Hitech Racing , UK

"My Austin A35 is now sold. Lots of interest from site visitors! Many thanks, I will use your site again in the future."
Peter Hodgman, UK

"My Delta T83 FF2000 sold within an hour of going up on your site."
Edwin Rynhart, Ireland

"You sold my official Benetton B190 F1 show car in 24 hours, I'm astounded."
John Reaks, UK

"You helped me find a serious buyer for my Lotus Elan, very good."
Hans Havdal, Norway

"My Van Diemen RF78 sold through to a UK buyer, thank you."
Rob Haze, Netherlands

"My Alfa sold this Monday, it sold well so congratulations to - Many thanks."
Stephen Beale, UK

"Mike, Big thanks to your website!! the Prospsort 3000 sold within a few hours of posting it to a fellow from Denmark!! Could it be marked as such on your site or removed as I keep getting calls on it!"
Mark Purves, UK

"Our Mercedes 190 DTM, it is now sold. Thanks for your excellent service."
Andy Rouse, UK

"Dear RCD, Thanks - once again a result!! The part has now been sold. Thanks for a great site and keep up the good work."
Pat Blakeney, Thruxton Motorsport Centre, UK

"On the 7th of January I put an ad on your great site to sell my calipers. I must have had 30 e-mails of people that were intrested. A week later the calipers are sold! Thank you for letting me sell my stuff!"
Ren Verstappen, Belgium

"Thank you for your excellent web service I have now sold our ex TVR Le-Mans trailer. thanks again..All the Best."
John Reid, TVR Motorsport, UK

"I couldn't believe how many calls I got your site is clearly very popular."
John Glenn, Glenn Logistics Ltd, UK

"Many thanks for your service, I sold 2 cars this morning, very quick! Kind regards."
Steve Clegg, UK

"I was given your web site as a place to sell my Porsche gearbox and I had six or seven responses within 24 hours and have sold my gearbox. The service you are providing is great. Thank you."
Algernon Sanders, UK

"Jordan EJ11 F1 car sold! Thanks!"
Ferry Spijkerman, Netherlands

"I only placed the parts for sale on the site a few hours ago, and they have gone already, what a site!!! well done and thank you."
Adrian Cottrell, UK

"I want to thank you for helping me to sold my race car. Thanks again."
Branislav Mirkovic, Serbia

"Thanks! My AVO shocks were sold in 3 mins! and I had enquiries from USA, Germany and Italy as well as Dublin and this country. Thanks again for a fabulous site."
Graham Smith, UK

"Thank You very much for advertising our cars, Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Cup (sold last week, thanks to You)"
Robert Kisiel, Poland

"My GT2 saloon RX7 from Canada has sold to a buyer from Trinidad. Thanks very much for your efforts."
Joe Chan, Canada

"I used your site to sell two cars."
Reinier van der veen, Holland

"My MST Transponder is now sold - within 24hrs! Many thanks."
Roger Donnan, UK

"Hello, thanks for a great site, this painting is now sold. Thanks again and keep up the good work."
Harry Niemi, Sweden

"My Brian James Sprint Shuttle trailer sold after being on your web site for only 20 minutes for the advertised price of 5100! Many thanks."
Tony Allinson, UK

"The car is delivered and paid for , in two days time! And this all thanks to your website! Thanks and I wish you success with your site in the future."
Geoffrey Heyninck, Belgium

"I have sold my trailer for cash within 18Hrs of placing it on your website. Fantastic. Thank You."
Duncan Tweedy, UK

"Thank you for advertising my lola sports 2000. I have now sold the car after many enquires from around the globe ,again many thanks."
John Parkinson, UK

"I've sold it! how quick! thanks race cars direct."
Gareth Salter, UK

"I just sold my Ford Escort mk1 bdt, Thank you for your cooperation, and many thanks helping me selling my car through your great advertising web pages."
Vegard Larsen, Norway

"Hi,Having placed an advert on your site my Sylva Stryker is sold! After a flood of inquiries. Very impressed I will be using your services again. Many thanks and excellent service."
Mark Fisher, UK

"Thanks to your super site. I sold my shocks already! Your the best!"
Graham Smith, UK

"Just to let you know that my Ford Cargo Race Truck is now sold. It sold within a week of putting the advert on your site. Thank you very much for the use of your service."
Kevin Bull, KB Automotive, UK

Lotus Elite S2...sold immediately with your help. Many thanks!
Damon Milnes, UK

"Thank You for a good web-side!!!! I have sold my Camaro now. Thanks to you. Best regards."
Michael Persson, Sweden

"Thanks to your website my gearbox was sold within 1 day - brilliant!"
Ian, UK

"Your site is excellent , very easy to use, and the way that the adds are listed with the newest ones always added to the top is genius! Well done. Best Regards."
Phil Weng, UK

"This is the second time I have sold a transporter/trailer via your site and therefore am very thankful to you. Keep up the good work!"
Louise Kennedy, UK

"Hi, just a short note to say item on 31484 is now sold - thank you for an excellent service, this was sold within hours of placing the advert and also all my "wanted" adverts have produced very good responses. Many thanks."
Matt at Think Auto, UK

"We have sold our Delta FF2000, with your help. Thank you for that."
Chris Stones, UK

"Hello, my trailer and parts are now sold. Many Thanks for the excellent service."
Ollie Robinson, UK

"What a brilliant website - simple, easy to use, effective, gets a worldwide response - how do you do it?"
Trevor Hunt, UK

"Thank you for your excellent site and service."
Dave Shelton, Kockney Koi, UK

"Hi, many thanks for a brilliant service, I sold within 2 hours to the first caller and the phone is still ringing!! Many thanks."
Mike Burnside, UK

"I had loads of interest in my ad - it really is a great site."
Nick Dunn, UK

"Thanks to your site my trailer is now sold!!!"
Ian Stinton, UK

"Thanks to your great site, my car has now sold!!! Thanks!!!"
Paul Dukes, UK

"Thanks again for an invaluable service."
Paul Newton, UK

"I received 3 enquiries within 12 hours and sold my trailer to the first caller. Brilliant site. Thanks."
Anthony Wills, UK

"Hello, thanks for advertising my car - this is now sold (very quickly!!) Thanks a lot."
Philip Major, UK

"Please note that my Pilbeam (entered 5th October) sold today (19th October) thanks to your site. Many thanks!"
Damon Milnes, UK

"Hi. Just to let you know that the Woodford 4 wheel trailer posted a couple of days ago has sold. Thanks once again."
Rob Manger, UK

"I published an ad at your page where I sell car BMW E 30 DTM and this car is sold now, thanks to your page. Thank you."
Martin Kois, Slovakia

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