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Lola B12/80 LMP2 - SOLD


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SpeedSource Inc, is offering the LAST Lolas, Chassis MM07 and HU06

Both cars as run in IMSA since 2014 as works Mazda cars, offered without engines.

MM07 has IMSA history, HU06 has LM24 history as Ex Status GP car and IMSA. 

• Lola one-piece construction carbon composite monocoque chassis/survival cell
• Monocoque certified to all ACO and FIA structural and crash standards
• Adjustable pedal box and steering wheel/column for driver safety and comfort
• Rack-and-pinion type steering with  Kayaba power assist system as standard
• Intensive wind tunnel testing complemented by upgraded F1-standard CFD cluster
• Multiple body configurations offering wide range of low-drag/high-downforce set-ups
• Ride height sensitivity minimized in all aerodynamic configurations
• Fixed front diffuser geometry with front downforce adjusted via dive-plane options
• All body panels of lightweight pre-preg composite construction
• Quick-release nose to limit damage and ease replacement during pit stop
Motec ADL3 Logger:
- 250MB logging enabled
- 52 inputs/outputs
- pro analysis enabled
- T2 Motec telemetry enabled
- CAN bus communication set up for tire pressure monitoring
Motec PDM32 power control module.
Motec steering wheel display with SLM (shift light module) embedded in custom steering wheel.


• Suspension geometry can be varied via multiple pick-up points on tub and gearbox casing
• Pushrod/rocker-activated coil spring/adjustable damper units all round
• Front and rear suspension designed to accommodate any damper and/or third-spring system
• Quick-change anti-roll bars front and rear with adjustable ride height, camber, and toe
• Dampers are a very high spec 4 way adjustable Multimatic/Dynamic
Brake System
• Hitco carbon discs and pads with AP Racing six-piston aluminium calipers all round
• 380 mm diameter ventilated carbon discs front and rear
Tyres and Wheels
 • Motegi Wheel dimensions 12.5”wide x 18”diameter front/13” wide x 18”diameter rear
• Self-locking hubs for added safety with wheel changes
Engine Installation
• Engineered to accept any normally-aspirated/turbocharged petrol or diesel engine
• Bosch starter motor
• Engine availability includes Judd V8, Mazda Turbo, AER Turbo and HPD and more

Removable Rear Bodywork
• Lola have designed and developed a detachable rear end bodywork section that includes the rear
wing and legalising panels.
• This has been proven to be a major time saving initiative for teams in racing situations.

Fuel System
• fuel system, 4 lift pumps 2 HP pumps. Fuel regulator and filter inside the tank
with a capacity of 75 litres

• Xtrac 1059 gearbox.
• Six forward speeds plus reverse with torque input capacity in excess of 800 Nm
• Casing expressly designed to suit high underbody diffuser tunnels required by LMP rules

Electrical System
• All electrics mounted directly to monocoque for reliability, access, and crash protection
• Full lighting equipment including dual headlamps and rear brake lights, indicators, rain
lights and electrically-operated rear view mirrors
• new apex lighting system

Redundant Systems
• Provision for back-up components to reduce time lost to damage or mechanical issues
• Space for cable gearshift, second starter, back-up fuel pump, and reserve battery
• Design facilitates easy servicing access (e.g. alternator) where back-up not possible

Extensive spares available, including wheels, suspension, coolers and all body work,  Engine install kits for both Judd and Mazda engines avaiable.

Packages and cost to be negotiated at time of purchase, extensive set up information and consumables also available.

Cars are located in our South Florida facility, only 30 minutes from Fort Lauderdale airport and 50 minutes from Miami.