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£ 71,000

Radical RXC V8 - SOLD


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Great condition Radical RXC V8 fully revised by Radical Factory in January 2018, stored and never raced in 2018. 

It has zero hours revised engine, zero hours revised gearbox, new driveshafts, many new parts, all visible in Radical invoices. Car was looked after by a professional team.

I am selling the car [reluctant] due to change of racing plans, the car is in amazing condition, a real pleasure to drive, a true gentleman racer car.

Car specs:
- Engine: 3.0 RPE V8, 480hp, 0h can go up to 40h without revision
- Transmission: 7-speed transverse Quaife gearbox with straight-cut racing gear set, paddleshift & autoblip, short gearing, 0h can go up to 40h without revision
- Chassis: High-tensile CDS Tubular steel spaceframe with FIA-specification front crash box Electronic Power-Assisted Steering & European VIN plate
- ABS: Bosch Motorsport fitted by Radical factory in 2017
- EPAS power steering
- Seat: Adjustable FIA-compliant HANS-compatible cloth-covered Corbeau seat, six-point driver & passenger racing harness, valid in 2019
- Fuel Tank: 100 liter FIA fuel cell (endurance spec)
- Suspension: Front & Rear double-wishbone, push-rods, Intrax 4-way adjustable racing dampers
- Brakes: floating disc brakes with 6-pot calipers, cooling ducts front & rear (front: 355mm Rear: 310mm), adjustable front-rear bias
- Air Jack System
- Air Conditioning & Heated Windscreen
- Dry-break re-fueling system
- AIM Dash/Race Logger with GPS sensor and on-board camera
- Dive planes, front & rear diffusers
- Electrically adjustable and heated wing mirrors
- Latest headlights (LED)
- Rear view camera
- Electrically-activated Fire Extinguisher (FIA-homologated, 3-nozzle), needs revision

Spares: extra 4 front wheels and extra 2 rear wheels, 2 x sets Avon GT soft compund (one new), 1 x set Dunlop Wet (used), 1 x rear cover (body kit), 1 x used TPS, 1 x used starter, 1 x new front wheel bearing, 1 x used driveshaft, couple of dedicated tools

Car weight, ready to go, no gas: 950kg
Acceleration: 0-100km/h 2.8 seconds

Price: €80,000 or £71,000

Car is a bargain given other offers on the market and also the performance level. Just selling a couple of its parts will cover the cost.