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$ 220,000

REVISED: 2015/2019 Ligier LMP3 315 650 HP MoTec /ABS Ra

RM Sotherby's


The Ligier LMP3 is for sale for $220k, in excellent condition, with electronic and mechanical mods. to make it a serious race car for HPDE, SCCA or NASA Club racing and Track Days.

    This car is NOT IMSA legal because it has 250+ extra HP +++. But that is just the car, no extras. Below I have listed separately a Track/Shop package of 100+ items that you will need and want anyway. With these 2 packages, you can go to the track the same day you buy the car.

     After 20 years of buying street cars and trying to make them into race cars, I finally decided just to buy a race car - this Ligier LMP3.  I bought it directly from United Auto Sports in the UK.  I had no intention of racing in IMSA competition so I was able to modify the car in any way I wanted, starting with:

A - Removing the 75% reduction restrictors on the throttle bodies = 650 HP

B - Replacing the ECU with a MoTec M150 & PDM30

C - Adding a complete Bosch M5 ABS 4X system

D - Electronic brake bias, and traction control

E - MoTec set-up to run on 100 or 93 Octane with a single push of a button in the cockpit

F - Rear View Camera for traffic w/ 9" cockpit screen & 160 degrees of rear view

G - In Car MoTec Video with car data overlay - Speed, gear, G circle, braking, gas, timing.

H - Tallest set of X-Trac gears to match HP & Daytona track driving

I - 2019 Dyno at 650 HP but dialed it back to 600 to be conservative. 

J - New dual Master brake cylinders, new fuel pump & filters, new plugs, cleaned & calibrated injectors all as parts of recent routine Maint.

K - New 4 Disc Sachs Clutch - lasts 10X longer then original 3 disc clutch.

L - Custom Thermal Blanket Insulation System for the RAM Indusction Air System.

M - 14" Fans on both radiators

N - Extended Stainless exhaust tip to ensure discharge outside of chassis.

O - Plus many other performance and comfort mods.  

     All the original work and support was done by 47 MotorSports in Millville NJ, a winning - full-time professional IMSA LMP3 Race Team. 6 Dyno pulls done at 47 MotorSports FEB 2023 to verify excellent condition.

    I am a 1 person owner, driver, and mechanic for this LMP3, so I had to make a number of Mods to make that happen as opposed to having a 4 person pit crew every time I went to WG, or VIR, or Daytona.  Those mods include an easy 1-man removable wing assembly, a 1 man removable engine cover, a X-Trac transmission heater to avoid track day AM jack up, remove wheels and row the gears, fuel system converted from Pressure Feed to gravity from 5-gallon jug.     

      Built DEC. 2015, delivered to United Autosports FEB 2016, brought to US late 2018, did complete custom rebuild and adding MoTec Systems etc. first track day at WG in 2019.  Bought w/ 5,000 KMS and all life limited parts were replaced.  Driven at 15 track day events in US. and 6 Dyno pulls done at 47 MotorSports FEB 2023 to verify excellent condition.

   The livery is in AERO Paint Film no vinyl graphics - so the exterior has a really thick layer of REAL Paint - So the best protection for the livery, no current or future wear, & easy cleaning and touch up. Any questions or to arrange an inspection call/text Allen 610-202-4855 in Phila.

          No accidents, NO DAMAGE - MINT Condition mechanically, electrically, and cosmetically.  

      The Track/Shop package is $22k. It is really in your best interest and you buy both you can go to the track the same day you buy the car.  NJ track is 1.5 hrs. away - WG 4 hrs. - Pocono's 2 hrs.

     $ 22,000 Track / Shop Support Package includes ($42K value):

1 - The car comes w/ 4 Factory New Michelin Tires mounted w/ 1- 20 min. run for break-in.

2 - 4 Excellent Michelin scrubs mounted on Ligier rims 2F - 2 R for track support - all 8 Ligier rims powder coated.

3 - 16 Excellent Michelin Scrubs - F & R

4 - Front & Rear shop/track "Berta Type" compressed air jacks - lift = 26". 100% made locally USA

5 - Two (2) custom wheeled Dollies for front nose/bloc & engine cover to store vertically when removed in the shop.

6 - Custom set of 4-wheel electric blanket warmers, electronic and thermostatically controlled for those cold nights at WG.

7 - Extra Fluids: 9 jugs of brake; 2 power steering; 4 gal. coolant;10-transmission; 26 qts. engine oil, 3 new spray cans of center nut anti-seize DuPont MolyKote ($55/can new) w/ spray templates

8 - Two (2) Ligier center wheel locking nut sockets - shop & truck/track

9 - 700 ft./lb. torque wrench.

10 - New 2,200 ft/lb 25:1 torque multiplier kit w/ extension handles

11 - Two Ligier (2) fuel cell pump out hoses w/ fittings

11 - Two (2) Staubli N2 quick disconnect lances w/ 45 deg. swivels.

12 - 4 - N2 regulators. 2 @ 3,000 X 500 psi for N2 car jacks; 2 @ 3,000 X 100 psi for tires. 2 of each in the shop, 2 in truck/track.

13 - 4 Complete Sets of N2 hoses for the above regulators, complete with M/FM couplings.

14 - Complete pneumatic tire suction system to remove air prior to N2 filling

15 - Complete trailer 4X tie-down kit - straps, rackets, nose belt

16 - New Extra Super B Lithium Battery ($1K ) Ligier/IMSA Spec. 

17 - Two New Ligier Spec. Chargers - OPTIMATES LFP LiFePO4 Lithium - Shop & Track

18 - High-Velocity cooling fans are added to each radiator.

19 - Ligier cockpit ventilation and diffuser system

20 - 4 - full 55 gallon drums of Sunoco 100 Oct. 260 GT Race Fuel

21 - 12 volt Fuel drum pumping system w/ siphon tube, hose & nozzle - 100% complete

22 - Complete set of Ligier rear wing AOA set-up angels: from 8 to 13 degrees

23 - Heavy Duty 12 volt Jump Pack for drum fuel system & car jump if necessary ( very unlikely)

24 - Data Cables for MoTec Team View sessions and Bosch ABS Set-Up.

25 - 7 new 55-gallon drum dollies 

26 - New 55-gallon drum lifter to use on your engine hoist

27 - 3 custom car dollies w/ 3-8" ball bearing neoprene wheels for shop or track work

28 - 5 gallon 125 psi N2 tank for tire pressure management at the shop or track.

29 - Complete Cockpit Cool Shirt System w/ tray, hold downs, tubing, switches, cooler, shirt (L) etc.

30 - High-Velocity cockpit cooling fan

31 - 4 Wheel stands for support on tires for oil changes, and front and rear floor removal.

32 - Two (2) new steel bi-fold collapsible car support stands.

33 - 14 Excellent condition VP 5 gallon/20L fuel jugs w/ assorted nozzles, extra caps, vents, and O-rings.

34 - All necessary operating and parts manuals and 8 custom laminated Checklists. 

35 - Custom Calif. Covers car cover - best exterior rain material available & mini cockpit cover for light rain.

36 - Hans Device & Large Bell Helmet w/ max. visor opening & track bag

37 - Tools:

         - 2 Ligier Factory "T" handle Hex wrenches for Nose Bloc removal

         - Longacher Boxed Digital Tire Temp probe kit

         - Comp 4" Dial Analog 0-60 psi Tire Pressure Gauge

         - 4 Custom designed/fabricated engine oil dipsticks

38 - Two (2) aluminum 3-wheeled 275 ft3 N2 cylinder tank hand trucks/dollies

39 - Two (2) KaTec custom air filters

40 - Orig. Ligier parts left after conversion



Other LMP3 Packages that are available and sold separately;

A - Direct from the Ligier Factory a NEW Body parts package that includes a 100% new Nose Bloc, New Engine cover, cheese wedges, complete wing assembly, and pylons (approx. 50 pieces in all ( nose bloc as 1 piece ) new starter, plus, 4x New Brembo Rotors and pads, 

B - Mint Condition custom LMP3 enclosed 28' Box Trailer w/ full fold-down twin bed, full-width top & bottom cabinets, 100% finished inside w/ cabinets, 7,500# winch for a 1900# car, air compressor, custom tie-down system for the LMP3, and extra gear.

C - 2017 Ford F-250 Diesel 4X w/ matching ARE cap and totally fitted out for N2 tanks, 4 x LMP3 tires, 10 fuel jugs and +++ storage, 23,000 miles & Mint condition.

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