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£ 19,500

Fiesta ST3 Road Legal Track Special - SOLD

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Road Legal - Voodoo Fiesta ST3 - 19500 Miles 

Very thought out build to try and make the best road going track capable car in the UK. I think I have managed it and have spared no expense dressing the car in high end modification items and using professional motorsport services to help get me there, and you can tell. 

Please do not confuse this with any other bolt on bits car as this is not that! All newly installed (Last 500 miles) parts identified as new and all others were new when purchased.

The Turbo Technics S280 choice I regularly get asked about was because I wanted a very quick spooling turbo, this in turn gives controlled power for track performance where total power isn't always the main objective, (drivability is) continually spinning the drive wheels does not make for a fast car especially on track, feeding in nearly 400HP/520NM does take some getting used to but is very rewarding once mastered. 

The Piper Rally 300 cams along with all other engine modifications make for a very quick spooling and very very powerful car, so much so we capped the RPM at 7500 even though the car was/is still producing power, the overall design was to allow 8500rpm as the cams also produce until 8400RPM. 

Be under no illusion, very few people will get in and drive or be driven in a car this capable!!

There is over 64K in this very much loved car. This is not a track-day hack car, it is a very well prepared & very well maintained example with some very rare if not individual one-off's. Owned from 8000 miles in early 2017 this ST has being transformed into a real wolf in wolf's clothing.. 

Now its fully developed its time for my next project. Ready to drive away!

New Crate Engine (£3500) Stripped & Rebuilt - Cost Over £11000 with all parts - Installed Oct 2022 18900 Miles and correctly bedded in. This motor was built for 8500 RPM and well over 400HP. 

New Fully Forged Mahle Motorsport Pistons & Carillo Con-Rods £1600 

New Woodruff-key Fully Forged Billet Cut Crank £3500 (1 of a kind)

New Fully Port/Flowed Head (Ric Wood) £1000

New Piper BP300 Cams £800 (Piper Ref - 74470) 

New Uprated Valve Springs/Followers etc £230 (Stops valve flutter)

New Collar Sleeved Cylinder Block £900

New Mishimoto 71oC Thermostat £120

New Turbo Technics S280 Turbo & Engine Build/ Install - £2400

New Extreme HPFP +35% Fuel available - £2400 (inc taxes) Only car in UK running this to my knowledge. Correctly mapped with the fuel pumps Dutch engineer/developer by Motorsport Developments.

New Bosch Double Seal Uprated Injectors 30% Extra Fuelling Available - £700

New Timing Belt & Water-pump - £300 @ 19000miles 2022 

New Turbosmart 7psi Actuator - £250, 

New Turbosmart Recirculation Valve - £300

New Pro Alloy Baffled Sump - £300

Newley Installed Gearbox: Fully strengthened bearings and highly polished internal gears - (Gearboxman modified) - £3000 (Inc 400 Miles Donor Box & Fitting of Diff/Drive) 

CAE Gear Shifter x1 - £1800

KAAZ Plated Differential - £800

New Final Drive 4:3:1 Reduction from Focus 1.0 125HP Zetec S (Better than ST200) - £800

Now 4/500 miles old - Fully Lightened Fidanza Alloy Flywheel + Performance Clutch (Stage 4) - £1400 (Imported from USA with some other bits from Whoosh Motorsport)

New Full Race Spec - PRO Alloy Intercooler (With Aircon) - £1400

Full Non-Res Milltek Race Exhaust System £550 (De-Catted)

Standard ECU (Bespoke Mapped by Motorsport Developments) £2100 7500RPM Limited, 376HP & 520nm @ 7500. (8500RPM available). Should be said that they are excellent and in the top catorgary of the mapping scene in the UK!

Brakes: Front Brakes: AP 9200 Callipers & 330 Discs, RSL 29's Front Pads - £2900 

Rear Brakes: Standard Callipers & ST170 Carriers & Tarox Japan Sport Rear Discs, RSL29 Pads - £575

Suspension: AST 5300's (3 Way) - £4500 

Powerflex Bushes Hangers/Joints - £300

Voodoo Gearbox Mount - £145

Lower rear sway bars x2 - £300

Interior: Motordrive Composite (Size 5) Race/Rally Seats Additional Voodoo Embroidery - £1600 TRS/Motordrive 5 Point Harness's (Lightweight) - £400 Recarro Seat Mount Double Locking Runners (Both Seats) £240

Steering Wheel Fully Stripped Thinned & Refitted  Alcantara Perforated Leather with Red Centre Marker (Royal Steering Wheels) - £200

Racelogic VBOX Video HD2 (Front Rear Cameras/Data-logger & Extra's) - £3000 (I have an offer on these for £2000 so can reduce price by the same amount if not wanted in the purchase)

Autotel In-Car Race Intercomms RR850 - £235 (Pelter x 2).

Walkie Talkie Antenna Fitted - Car to Car - Car to Pits £40.

2 Full Sets Wheels

 XXR 4 Stud Wheels (Not the cheaper multipattern ones) Red set is currently on Pilot Sport's used as road and wet track use 6mm all round and 225 width - £1100 Cost.  

XXR Chrome set is on ZZR tyres 225 width £1500 cost for ultimate track dry use. These are used as the regulation tyres in the Lotus Cup and are amazing to drive on, 5mm standard new and have 4mm all round.

I also have service kit for engine/gearbox/cooling/filter included in the price.  Consisting: Amsoil Oil Engine/Gearbox - Evans Waterless Fluids - Standard ST Oil Filter + ATE Type 200 Brake Fluid. 

Pro Alloy Catch Can, Dismantled Engine & Various Other Bits INC.

Show car standard!

Shipping Available @ Cost to Buyer @ £2 per mile (UK Mainland) from LA5. Overseas options also available.

I would consider £17000 without the Racelogic VBOX Video HD2 (Front/Rear Automatic Cameras/Data-logger & Extra's as I have a £2000 offer for those).

I have not included any building costs or value in the time spent creating this car other than engine build install and mapping.. Seats/Cage installed by SW motorsports, AST 5300's installed by RSM Motorsport who also corner weighted the car and set up the tracking and camber for track. I have hours and hours & hours also in the car, it took over a year to get coding from the Dutch fuel pump developer in the USA so that it could be mapped to a UK ecu. 

Sensible questions will get a sensible answer. 

A sad day it will be, seeing it leave me

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