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£ 17,000



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UK EVO1 FunCup

Petrol, Sequential with Paddle Shift.


New Engine, 1 race old 

Rolling road print out 8/10/2019

New RT40 battery last round 2019

New Bosch Alternator last round 2019

New Bosch Distributor last round 2019

Paddle shift with flat shift brand new start of 2019 

Pit Speed fitted linked to flat shift, start of 2019

Dampers replaced before round 1, 2019

Wheel bearing replaced start of 2019

Front calipers replaced start of 2019.

Sadev sequential gearbox rebuilt start of 2018

Stack Lambda gauge fitted.

Lifeline remote charge, electric Novec 360 Zero, plumbed in extinguisher system (£1,600 new).

x16 Wheels, 8 Alloy, 8 Steel.

Sadev gear display read-out.

Autotel radio interrupter.

New Sparco steering wheel 2nd round 2019.

Latest spec steering column.

OTTO RPM over Rev recorder

Brand new seat belts (supplied)

Re-wired start of 2018 using 44A raychem wire

AP Racing Cylinders x3, new start of 2018 

Brake Bias adjuster with readout indicator display mounted on dash for easy adjusting & re-setting to a known setting 

Brake fluid pressure sensor fitted for data logging  

Anderson 50 amp jump plug inside car, jump battery can be left in car if needed.

Optimate battery charger plug & loom extended inside car for easy charging 

Staubli ‘fuel out’ -6 QR fitting ‘Teed’ in to fuel feed hose 

Camber adjuster, lock out stops fitted

-3 JIC Staubli gearbox/clutch line QR






Spares Included with Car

20L championship re-fuelling dump churns/ATL probe

Dump churn stainless steel stand, in a box on wheels, fast & easy to move around pit garage

Staubli, ‘fuel out’ -6 QR with 2 meter hose for pumping out

x2 complete rebuilt spare Sadev Driveshafts

x2 Sadev driveshaft bars 

Complete New Radiator ‘pack’ with cowl & fan

x2, Spare carbs

Spare exhaust manifold 

Spare exhaust system & back box

Spare compiler front clam with splitter fitted 

Spare complete rear clam including wheel arches fitted

Spare left door

Spare right door 

Spare front splitters

Spare rear spoiler 

Spare L & R wings 

Spare brand new discs x8

Spare pair rear wishbones 

Spare LF/RR caliper

Spare RF/LR caliper

Spare clutch cover 

Spare clutch plate

Spare clutch release bearing 

Clutch alining tool

Top mount ride height adjusting tool

Soft, medium & hard spring sets

Spare new Bilstein dampers, car set

Spare 1ea, F & R Bilstein dampers built up with body’s 

Spare uprights LF/RR - RF/LR

Spare complete steering rack

Spare oil cooler 

Spare oil cooler hoses 

Spare Bosch Distrubeter 

Spare set FIA body catches

Spare new front track rods & ends

Spare new rear track rods & ends

Spare used front track rods & ends

Spare used rear track rod & ends

Spare new header tank

Spare starter motor, pre wired with 50A connector fast change

Spare Bosch alternator   

Spare complete Sadev gear linkage

Spare outer GKN CV ends x4

Spare inner GKN CV ends x4

Spare inner & outer CV boots

x2 new wheel bearings

x2 new hubs 

Spare plug lead set

Spare coil 

Spare TZH ignition pack

Spare wheel arch liners

Spared dummy front shafts

Spare new hub nuts x10

Spare new hub nut washers x10

Spare new spark plug set

Spare fuel pump

Spare L & R engine mounts

Spare Sadev gearbox display potentiometer

Spare wiper linkage complete

Spare new LED rear light set L & R

x8 sets good used pad sets

Car set of bottom ball joints

5kg Dry Powder pit lane extinguisher 





Optional Extras 

Video vbox lite 2 camera system with oled lap timer display £850


MRTC / Kenwood radio kit

1 car radio MRTC / Kenwood

6 MRTC / Kenwood mechanic radio sets, (radios & headsets)

MRTC / Kenwood 6 bank charger set

Car antenna & steering wheel PTT button with looms

plus.. in car, in-line, control tower championship extra radio

This will need tuning to your frequency, as it’s on my licence atm, £2,000


Direct powered (DP260) timing transponder (non subscription type) £350


I’ve run this car for last 6 years regardless of cost, bodywork could do with a tidy up, 90% is a vinyl wrap so can be removed easily 

We are more than happy to run a test day with the new owner if needed on hand over, also more than happy to run the car if you are also looking for a team to assist you in your 2020 season, car is located at Silverstone NN12 8TB