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£ 1,750

Syvecs S6+ ECU - SOLD


This is now SOLD. Search for similar items.


Selling my Syvecs S6+ Plus ECU.

Going down a different route so this is being sold.

Thank you. Ryan


Here's a description lifted from Syvecs:

S6 Plus


22 x General Purpose Analogue Inputs:
4 x 5V/Bipolar, Sensor/Sync/Speed, Programmable Trigger Voltages
10 x 5V/Thermistor, Sensor/Sync/Speed, Fixed Trigger Voltages
4 x 5V Sensor Input
4 x Thermistor Sensor Input

2 x Lambda Inputs Including:
- 1 x NTK, Bosch LSU4.2/4.9 or Denso AF Lambda Circuit

- 1 x Bosch LSU4.2/4.9 or Denso AF Lambda Circuit

2 x K-Type Thermocouple Circuits
2 x Knock Inputs


24 x High/Low Side Driver Outputs:

8x Half Bridge Outputs (Max 10 Amps)
16 x Low Side Injection/PWM Outputs (Max 10 Amps)
6 x TTL Ignition Driver Or Direct Coil Drive IGBT (Solder Bridge Settings on Board)


1 x Can 2.0B

1 x Rs232 Output

1 x Kline Output

100 Mhz Full Duplex Ethernet For Connection To PC For Programming And Data Download

1MB Battery Backed Internal Logging Memory, Onboard Laptop Logging and USB Logging to be supported in the near Future for near unlimited logging of certain parameters

Dimensions : 185 X 145 X 55 mm

The S6GP+ will replace the S8 for our R35GTR and Porsche kits, This enables us to make these kits true PnP,  so there is no need to replace the stock lambdas and you are able to run 12injectors plus additional outputs spare.