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£ 10,000

JEDI MK6 LWB R1 engine MSA logbook price drop - SOLD


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This Jedi was scrutineered byMSA chief scrutineer Mr A Collard who complimented on how professional the welding had been done. Many non-works ones are done by not so good people, they also used the ridiculous & very heavy larger dia tube that was the MSA rule until the lighter car rule change came in many months later. 


Also the ROPS  protection on this Jedi is better than the works one because the forward cockpit side tubes are connected to the ROPS hoop higher than standard & together with the TWO rear supports mounting to chassis sides where they are diagonally braced makes the ROPS much stronger & the chassis more rigid, compared to the single central rear bar to a high mounted rear cross tube on the chassis. Also the standard  engine cover moulding is still able to be used.


The drivers head can be further back because the bulkhead is on the engine side of hoop not the front, It is also removable since it’s bolted and not riveted. 

This makes the cockpit longer by almost as much again as the 2" the LWB chassis is over the SWB chassis. The hoop also has fixing to allow the seat belt fix bar & headrest to be  height adjustable.

The pedal assy can be remounted further back for shorter drivers as on all Jedis & I think the steering column can be adjusted longer too.


The springs on the gear change are the hidden extra. Bike gear boxes don't have the long cable with extra friction so extra spring return is needed to avoid missed changes due to slow or insufficient return movement. 

Auto change systems can be a problem so just add cost, weight & more to go wrong.

 A very competitive and well-developed machine raced successfully by an experienced suspension Development Engineer. Chassis has unique performance & practical mods. Suspension set-up ready and all data supplied. Post-sale support available by negotiation.

If a 6 ft tall 85 kg pensioner can put this car on pole, win or be right up front every time he’s raced it, BEFORE it got an extra 25+ hp and extra chassis tweaks then any decent driver can do that now. Race result references including Monoposto available.

On-the-button ready to go. Currently in sprint spec. Race spec available.

Perfect for Monoposto. Also suits F1000 (invitation class only), MSUK Sprints and Hillclimbs, Open Wheel Track Days and Javelin Sprint Class T.

Last raced 2015 followed by test & track day outings. ROPs updated to latest MSUK rules & fully serviced during 2018, including refreshed engine, recent fit of new front discs, rear rose joints, re-packed silencer to optimum density. Set of JEDI wheels with slicks. Shakedown track day carried out at Lydden in Oct to fine tune everything. See and listen!   The engine note has many admirers!

YouTube video from Oct, 2018 :

Yamaha R1 2004-06 engine. Over 170 bhp at wheels, equivalent to over 218 hp at crank from a bespoke tune by ex BSB bike tuner Phil Seton.


Bespoke Seton camshafts & his ported high compression cylinder head with matched inlet tracts & secondary throttles removed. Shortened trumpets & matched injectors. Four into one exhaust. Bespoke large volume air box using Bernouli principles. Fully baffled sump plus Accusump for oil pressure security.

Electrics are Jedi wiring loom with G -pack power-inhibitor-defeat & Dynojet Power Commander. A Dynojet ignition box add-on is available not fitted. AIM Mychron dash/logger for revs, dual shift lights, oil pressure & water temp (+ spares). Lap Time Beacon Sensor, speed sensor for gear indicator available not fitted. Manuals & user cd discs for all above included.

Car now weighs 318Kg with 3L fuel and Accusump in sprint spec with the heavy duty MSA ROPS equating to nearly 630 bhp per ton (excluding driver) and has to be one of the quickest, best handling & biggest cockpit JEDI’s around.

Race conversion parts ready for re-installation & included in price :

- Fire extinguisher SPA AFF 225 litre with plumb-in pipes. In spec but date expired 2016. MSA valid to 2022.

- Oil Cooler with pipes and engine adapter assembled ready to fit.

- Jedi Electric Reverse Gear assembly.

Also included in price :

Good spare standard 180hp base engine, cylinder head assemblies, clutches, throttle bodies, starter motor & loads of other parts.

Set of unused wets on 7” and 9” x 13" Compomotive Wheels.

Full range of gears, 4 engine sprockets & 5 final drive sprockets.

Three pairs new drive shafts, various hub flanges, front stub axle, serviceable rear upright & bearing assy, wing end plates, spare silencer, new front & rear wheel bearings, five new rose joints, chain link removal tool, Jedi type rose joint grease gun.