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Dutch-winning Caterham Superlight S3, 225hp - SOLD

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Hereby I offer for sale my Caterham Superlight S3 (metric chassis, 225-hp Zetec engine). The car is ready to race, but I just don't have the time anymore...

Further specifications: 

- Full rollcage extended at both sides near the elbows

- Full Intrax suspension

- 2 original Caterham seats from Tillet

- 2 sets of six-point seat belts

- Kronenburg KMS ECU including data-logging

- 2 full sets of wheels

- 3 full sets of tyres (slicks, semi-slicks, wets)

- 6-speed ultra close-ratio gearbox, original Caterham

- Fire-extinguisher system

- 225-hp Zetec engine in good running condition (taken apart after the last race only for controlling purposes)

- Throttle-body injection

- Dry-sump system

- Metal clutch

- Exclusive use of the well-known blue silicone flexible hoses for lubrication system and fuel-feed system

- Enlarged oil cooler

- Removable Momo steering wheel

-  Side impact protector system (honeycomb body-integrated structure)

- Exhaust system plus extra silencer as requested at noise-critrical circuits like Zolder/Belgium

- Wind deflector at the front

- Aerodynamic nose

- Inside/outside-type master switch

- Extra-wide interior rear mirror (from Raceline) plus side mirror as used in the British Caterham Cup

- Half doors

- Anti-roll bar at the rear, strengthened-type roll bar at the front

- Rear lighting

- Stop light

- Starter-motor interruptor (for generating oil pressdure before actually starting the engine)

- Lowered floor at both sides (with sufficient room for people up to atleast, like me, 1,94 cm length)

- Caterham quick-rack steering gear


This car was built by Van der Kooi Sportscars (Caterham importer for The Netherlands).

The chassis originates from the Caterham Academy Cup.

A relatilatively strong and maintenance-friendly Ford Zetec engine was built and fitted by Hessel van der Glind (from Postma Autosport).

The only point of attention concerns changing down from the 3rd to the 2nd gear (all other changing up and down is perfectly in order). At most circuits you don’t need second gear anyway because of the engine’s very torquey character (230 Nm max).

During the cars’ last season it was used very succesfully in racingh (8 podiums out of 9 races in the Dutch Pro-Seven Series) and before that in slalom (lots of wins at the Dutch Slalom Championhip).

Lapping the Zandvoort circuit in the 1.55’s  on semi-slicks never was a problem. During a Intrax clinic at Zandvoort drivers like Tom Coronel and Donald Molenaar tested the car and were very enthousiastic about the road behaviour and, particularly, the fun aspect.

If required we will sell our custom-built car trailer as well.

Please ring, app of mail for additional info.


Timo Wagenaar Hummelinck